Centered around a powerful nucleus of donor dams, the Scheetz program is one of the most progressive embryo programs in the country with a concentrated spring and fall calving operation. The goal of producing successful matings, in volume, through advanced embryo transfer and servicing the customer to the best of our ability is the focus at Scheetz Cattle Company. We recognize the production of good feeding, successful cattle in the show ring is a tough one that doesn’t come easily, but its rewards and benefits are unmatched on many levels. This longstanding family farm operation invites you to stop by anytime before the sale.

Scheetz Cattle Company is aiming to build a solid program and a foundation that not only focuses on production, but is also an operation that aims to give back to the youth and the families that are a part of this outfit’s endeavors. The goal here is to follow the cattle to the end and acknowledge those homes that have success with their projects through unmatched service, support and guidance.

Give us a call today to discuss the calves, future matings and the opportunities that lie in this program. We appreciate all of the support and friendship over the years and look forward to a great future down the road in this growing business.