“Roxie” Sandy 0215

What we felt was one of the best show heifers from the famous Sandy cow family, so we knew she had to join us! They always say, great donors are rare – this is her folks. We feel this awesome female will produce as good as any with time.  She was Reserve Grand in Denver on Junior day. The future looks bright!

“Vi” Proven Queen 419

When we saw this female in Louisville and again in Denver, we knew she had to join the Scheetz Cattle team.  “Vi” was Grand in both the Open and Junior shows in Denver and also Grand in the Open show in Louisville.  This female is one of the best that has been campaigned for several years and we can’t wait to offer progeny out of her in the coming seasons.

“Charli” Phyllis 423

“Charli” was successfully shown by my niece claiming Reserve division in Kansas City.  This girl is a beast and we are excited about her as much as any donor we own.  That is saying something – phenotypically and structually she is a great one.

“Iggy” Phyllis 426

“Iggy” was named Reserve Grand in the Junior show in Louisville for the Grimes family.  Born and raised here, watch out for her to become a household name going forward.

Ditto-321“Ditto” 321

Ditto comes from a cow family that is as proven as any in the Angus show heifer world. She is a full sib to the Greimann heifer who won Jr Nationals a couple years ago and the exciting AI Bull, First N Goal. This First Class daughter is one we are very thrilled about adding to the Scheetz Cattle Company line up. Also look for full sibs to “Ditto” as we have also purchased an interest in her mother.

“Ellie” Blackbird 031

What a great cow we have here in our other “Ellie” 031!  031 was Grand in the Calf Division in Denver as a baby and went on to become Reserve in Division in Louisville as a big heifer.  She has already produced a Division Champion at a National Show!

“Turtle” Blackbird 502

Where do we begin?  If you know the Angus business you know 502!  She is the mother to “Java” the heifer of Greimann’s that won Junior Nationals and was Supreme at the Iowa Beef Expo.  She is also the mother of our “Ditto” heifer that was Supreme at the Illinois Beef Expo.  Not only has 502 produced countless champions she is also the mother to First N Goal, the popular AI Sire!

“Sunny” Phyllis 052

A great Currency daughter that was Reserve in Division in Denver.  Her first calf was “Bootlegger” the popular bull that won Junior Nationals.  As a mature cow she is quite impressive.  She has produced our high selling heifers in recent sales and look forward to their show careers.

Ellie 76

A Raptor daughter that was campaigned successfully in 2008 and 2009, claiming several champion titles in Iowa.  Daughters of “Ellie” have included sale toppers selling at $35,000, $30,000, $30,000 and $25,000 who have had impressive show careers themselves.